Lender Finance


GMA USA offers re-discount, re-factoring and participation finance options for companies in the factoring, asset-based lending and merchant cash advance industries. GMA is an entrepreneurial lender with the initiative and creativity to structure flexible facilities for small lenders. Our participation programs allow lenders to manage as the lead while hedging concentration risk.


GMA USA provides re-discount refinancing for small to mid-sized factors in need of a participating funding source and/or a full re-discounting line of credit. Along with becoming a trusted partner, we would provide you with our experience to help your factoring company grow. We offer competitive rates, flexible terms and personalized service.


GMA USA offers refactoring and Private Label Factoring programs that allow a small or startup factoring company to leverage capital with our operational expertise to build their portfolios. Our uniquely structured program is a favorite of sales and finance professions looking to startup their own factoring company. Only GMA offers a refactoring program that will provide up to 100% of finance capital. Unlike other high cost option offered by competitors, GMA’s program is structured in a way that allows you to be price competitive.