Factoring Services

Accounts Receivable Funding

Accounts receivable is money due for a product that has been shipped, received, and accepted or for a service that has been rendered. The receivable is created when the supplier  of the product or service invoices the recipient. GMA Factor would then set up a revolving line of credit using your accounts receivable as collateral and we generally have little or  no involvement with your customers. You still own your invoices and maintain the relationships with your customers. To learn more, click here

Business Cash Advance / Merchant Advances

GMA Inc provides business cash advances, completely unsecured, up to $1,000,000.  A Business cash advance is an effective substitute to small business loans, unsecured business loans or bad credit business loans.  Our business cash advance is based on the cash flow passing through your merchant credit card account or your bank account cash flow activity.  We aid success by quickly providing cash in advance, unsecured working capital, without the strict requirements and formalities of loans offered by banks and other lending institutes.  To learn more, click here

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending is a type of financing in which the asset being bought, i.e. inventory, land or machine, is used as the collateral.  In asset based lending, the quality of the collateral, and not the financial strength of the borrower, is of prime importance. GMA USA Inc. bases the amount of the loan on the value of the asset being financed, and the ease with which it could be sold off if the borrower defaults.

If your business is relatively new, or has recently experienced challenges, you might not have access to capital through traditionally structured loans.  To learn more, click here