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Merchant Cash Advance – Asset Management Services through our Technology Platform
Managing the complex daily ACH transactions characteristic of merchant advance funding is our specialty. From underwriting through funding and collection, we meticulously track each transaction on our secure, hosted platform. As your MCA servicer, GMA receives, processes and accounts for all payments. Our comprehensive reporting systems provide analytics and transparency for all syndicated partners in your business. More than technology, our cash managers monitor account collection, and adhering to a high Standard of Care, maintain and perfect the security interest of our clients.

Technology and service that set you free to focus on the next big deal..

“GMA has a great knowledge base of the finance industry and have provided us with a line of credit that has helped us grow our business and profits substantially. We have 24 hour service and they have been flexible to meet all of my business demands. ”

Lender Finance:

GMA provides rediscount, asset-based, and structured participation finance for lenders in the factoring and small business funding industries. We have provided financing to factoring and merchant cash advance companies, enabling them to leverage capital and expand their portfolios. GMA is not just your lender – we’re your partner. Our management team has decades of experience in all aspects of the asset-based lending business. Put that experience to work for you.


A crowd-funding model is emerging in the small business finance industry. Merchant cash advance companies seek parties to participate in merchant pools. These pools vary greatly in terms of risk, return and industry orientation. GMA recommends that any party considering participation in a syndicated merchant advance do their homework, work with reputable companies, and always demand transparency and full disclosure of their partners.ed to take care in this matter.

White Label Programs

GMA offers a White Label Factoring solution that allows business professionals to own and operate their own factoring company. Using our established operational infrastructure and capital resources allows professionals to market, sell and build a factoring portfolio under their control. This established concept is known to the industry as re-factoring. GMA becomes your funding source as well as your serving partner by handling all operations and back-office functions.

 Our unique model lowers your cost of funds
 No minimum capital requirements from you

GMA White Label Merchant Cash Advance:

Leverage your business using our technology platform and lender finance program. “White Label” provides legal templates, underwriting and back office support, plus access to capital through our syndicated partners. For Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s), White Label is a smart move, a way to maximize deal value. Contact GMA USA for details.


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